Organized and efficient data sharing

Say goodbye to gazillion versions of the same spreadsheet
that clutter your mailbox

We guide you through the “how to‘s” here


Views not Copies

Views let‘s you share different parts of your list instantly with others without creating multiple copies of the same. Work with one list and many views for others. No more copying parts of the data, creating new sheets and emailing spreadsheets.


Better Control

Other team members now see what you want them to see and work while you can revoke access from your list at any time. You can hide or show columns as per your choice with different team members and keep your master data list intact. Simple and straight forward way for setting up your team to work without losing control.


Data Protected Always

Lock columns of data for others to only view and make sure no one can download copies of your list. Even while you share, your data is protected from being taken away.

Auto Validated Data

Getting validated data from team members isn't easy! With CollateBox built-in data validation capability you can gather data in relevant data formats from others without the hassle of setting up structures. Just bring your data inside CollateBox and it will figure out the existing data structures for you.


Notifications on data activity

Stay informed on activities of your data list while you work with others. CollateBox notification alerts you as others open, work and forward your list to others making sure you are on top of your list always.


Attaching Files

Attach an image, document or just a comment on every record and share with your team members using CollateBox. Your colleagues get to open and view the files and even add comments for others to discuss further on that specific record

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