Collect and Share the Growing data Efficiently
Collaborate in Real Time

Efficiently collaborate among your team members on multiple files. Share different parts of your data with different users - all in real time. No more emailing hundreds of files back and forth or dealing with locked cells, conflicting data and manual reconciling of files.

Collaborate in Real Time
Growing Data

Work with large sets of data and collaborate among co-workers with a breeze without worrying about bandwidth or speed. Add thousands of rows to your growing data with a click, apply intelligent filters and share with others. No more worrying about storage and working with large files.

Growing Data
Secure Online File Sharing

Select what you want to share and who you want to share them with. Sort your data, add filters, hide or lock columns from being edited or simply apply keyword filters to create a view of the data you want to share. With bank level security, you can be rest assured that your data is safe and completely secured on CollateBox.

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Clean and Structured Data

CollateBox follows a simple tabular method of data entry that lets you keep your data clean. As you upload new data, CollateBox senses the data format and creates relevant data structure with proper data validation. No more dealing with multiple date formats or numbers in places of alphabets as correct data entry will be enforced - Giving you clean and structured data at any time.

Clean and Structured Data
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